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1Z0-580 Pass Dumps

Exam Number/Code: 1Z0-580
Exam Name: Oracle Oracle Solaris 11 Installation and Configuration Essentials Exam

Pass Dumps 1Z0-580 Saving Pack

Pass Dumps 1Z0-580 Saving Pack

Get 1Z0-580 Pass Dumps 75 Practice Questions and Answers in PDF document, Self Test Software and Online Practice Testing Engine for Oracle Solaris 11 Installation and Configuration Essentials Exam Exam.

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No. of Questions: 75 Q&A's
Updated On: March 06, 2014

Q&A's Valid for Passing till May 05, 2014
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Question :
When attempting to perform an installation of Oracle Solaris 11, you encounter a failure message along the lines of "no offers were received." What is the most likely reason for this message and why?

  1. The system could not obtain a DHCP-based lease so it could not proceed.
  2. The amount of disk space offered by the installer is inadequate so the installer attempted to compress data in memory.
  3. The minimum amount of memory is not sufficient to load the necessary network driver so the installer tried to offer disk as backing store.
  4. An IP address provided is located on a different network segment because the correct RARP server did not respond.
  5. The IP address provided is outside the range of allocatable addresses.
Answer : A

Question :
What two features identify Oracle Solaris 11 as being "built for clouds"?

  1. ability to use SSH lo securely connect to Oracle Solaris 11 servers
  2. first fully virtualized operating system featuring built-in virtualization with Zones
  3. secure rapid provisioning and lifecycle management
  4. Oracle Solaris 11 has been designed to provide a robust and easily usable desktop environment for end users
  5. Oracle Solaris 11 is installable from DVD Media
Answer : B, D

Question :
You are performing an initial AI Installation of Oracle Solaris 11. You have not identified a target disk for the root pool and your installation fails. What are the two possible disk based reasons for this failure?

  1. You need to specify the dump and swap partitions in the AI manifest to perform a successful Oracle Solaris 11 Installation.
  2. The disk does not have an SMI label.
  3. You have not specified a mirrored dataset for the root pool.
  4. The disk or slice does not match or meet the recommended size parameters of approximately 13 GB.
  5. ZFS requires the disk to be partitioned first and the root partition must be active.
Answer : B, D

Question :
As part of an automated install of Oracle Solaris 11, a new role called "operator" is created and a password is correctly assigned, but you are not able to successfully assume this role. What is the problem?

  1. You are not accessing the role from the system console.
  2. Your account is not yet authorized to assume this role.
  3. The "operator" role must be enabled before being used.
  4. You must first be assigned the "Role User" rights profile
Answer : B

Question :
You are working on a system that appears to be hanging during the boot process. Which would be the course of action for determining which step in the boot process is causing the issue?

  1. Boot the system into single user mode, run ps -ef to determine processes that are not running.
  2. Boot the system into the "none" milestone, enable all services, then run svcs -a to determine the state of your services, as well as check for error messages in /var/svc/log.
  3. Boot the system, disable all services using the "svcs disable all" command, reboot and bring up each service individually.
  4. Interrupt the boot process before services are started with Stop-A or .
  5. Perform an Interactive boot, and disable services as they request startup.
Answer : B

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