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Exam Number/Code: CLAD
Exam Name: NI NI Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer Exam

Pass Dumps CLAD Saving Pack

Pass Dumps CLAD Saving Pack

Get CLAD Pass Dumps 80 Practice Questions and Answers in PDF document and Self Test Software for NI Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer Exam Exam.

Practice Questions and Answers + Self Test Software

No. of Questions: 80 Q&A's
Updated On: March 28, 2014

Q&A's Valid for Passing till May 27, 2014
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Question :
Which of the following is NOT a traditional debugging feature used to help find errors in a VI:

  1. Highlight Execution.
  2. Single Stepping
  3. Breakpoints
  4. Stop Values
Answer : D

Question :
The most efficient method for creating an array is:

  1. Using a Forloop with Auto-indexing
  2. Placing a build array function in a Whileloop
  3. Initializing an array and then replacing elements in a Whileloop
  4. Using a Whileloopwith Auto-Indexing
Answer : A

Question :
Which of the following statements regarding Array constants are NOT true?

  1. When you create an Array constant on the block diagram, it is not visible on the Front Panel.
  2. You cannot resize an Array constant to include more than one element.
  3. You can copy or drag an existing Array on the Front Panel to the Block Diagram to create a constant of the same data type.
  4. All array operations can be performed on an Array constant
Answer : B

Question :
Which of the following methods is NOT a method to create a 1-D Array?

  1. Place an Array Shell on the Front Panel and drag a Control into the shell.
  2. Use a While Loop with auto-indexing disabled.
  3. Use a For Loop with auto-indexing enabled.
  4. Use the Initialize Array function.
Answer : B

Question :
Which of the following is NOT a component of an Error Cluster?

  1. Status.
  2. Code.
  3. Source.
  4. VI name
Answer : D

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CLAD Passed Testimonials

Post By : Arun Saldana
Post Date : Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello Sir,
Passed CLAD certification with 95 percent marks. Exact Questions were their in paper. Thanks to you all.Thanks
Arun Saldana from Hong Kong
Post By : Christopher
Post Date : Saturday, April 05, 2014

It was a very quick decision to have Pass Dumps QA as my study partner for CLAD. I couldn't control my happiness as I started seeing the questions on screen; they were like copied questions from Pass Dumps dumps, so accurate. This helped me to pass with 97% within 65 minutes into the exam.
Post By : Rudra
Post Date : Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hurrah! I have passed my CLAD this week. And I got flying color and for all this I am so thankful to Pass Dumps. They have come up with so fabulous and well-engineered program. Their simulations are very much like the ones in real exams. Simulations are the main aspect of CLAD exam and worth more weight age then other questions. After preparing from their program it was very easy for me to solve all those simulations. I used them for all CLAD exam and found them trustful every time.

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CLAD Brain Dumps Exam Course Objective

NI Clad (CLAD practice exam) is proposed for information technology professionals who desire to master the essentials of the NI Proxy. After completing CLAD exam training, you will be capable to:
  1. Explain the main Secure Web Gateway functions of the Proxy
  2. Describe the role of Proxy as it links to products as part of a whole security solution
  3. Organize a Proxy and put it into live service
  4. Manage the main Secure Web Gateway functions of the Proxy

CLAD Real PDF Course Description and Contents

CLAD exam collection course is planned for individuals who aspiration to master the basics of NI products. It is a requirement for NI Certified Proxy Professional course. The NI Clad (CLAD exam question) Course covers:
  • Introduction to the Proxy
  • Introduction to Visual Policy Manager
  • IWA and LDAP Authentication
  • supervision of SSL Traffic
  • Proxy managing Console
  • Proxy Security Deployments
  • Proxy Security Licensing
  • Content filtering and Web Pulse
Individuals will turn into NI Clads (CLAD brain dumps) upon completing the course and passing the online exam.

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